Putting systems intelligence

at the service of human intelligence.

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In a context where our clients face many challenges, Fuzyo aspires to connect human, technological and business intelligences in a coherent and ethical way.


Our vision is that we contribute to the creation and development of human intelligences.


Fuzyo federates companies that share this will to develop specific intelligences and to put them at the service of global intelligence development. Our mission is to connect our expertise – reading our intelligences – to those of our clients.


Our strength lies in our ability to deliver the strongest experiences and bring innovative technological solutions to the business issues our clients face.

The Business

The Business project

"The history of the Fuzyo Group is rooted in the technology passions of its founder and CEO, Mohammed Chouiter.

In 2010, the Fuzyo Group was born, a real business project that will be quickly carried by a team.

Each subsidiary was created because it brings with it a very strong expertise that complements those already present in the group. Each subsidiary is agile and precise in essence. Each subsidiary benefits from the solidity and strength of the FUZYO Group.

Fuzyo is today made up of several subsidiaries in the fields of data, digital, business intelligence, innovation, security, systems, cloud and digital communication.



Fuzyo's values are the essence of the group's existence. They are expressed through collaboration as an element of effective cooperation internally and with clients, expertise is a component of the group that each subsidiary brings to the service of the collective with the aim of creating value for our clients and contributing to the development of intelligence, finally, entrepreneurship is an important pillar at all levels of our group. Dare, create, develop and value are at the heart of each Fuzyo member entity and carried by all employees.

The innovation

The innovation lab

Digital innovation is one of the key strategic pillars of FUZYO Group. A dedicated team, called the Lab, is researching and developing methods, algorithms and solutions intended to be ready-made for our customers. The intrinsic purpose of the Lab is to be a skills-nurturing tank and a knowledge portal for all our employees and partners. Unifying and collaborative, the Lab is one of the levers, which makes FUZYO Group so agile.

Our expertise

Our expertise


• Technological advice
• Project Management
• Development
• Test and performance


• Audit and Consulting
• Engineering and Integration
• Migration and deployment
• Exploitation and monotoring of IS
• Managed services, MCO,
• Support, Outsourcing
• Cybersecurity




• Technological advice
• Data evaluation and valorisation
• Predictive Analysis Solutions


• Innovation Strategy
• Technological advice
• Transformation Plan
• Technology Watch
• Prototyping / Proof of Concept


• Website and app creation
• Inboud Marketing (content production & lead generation)
• Content Marketing
• Brand content
• Data Marketing
• Social Media (production and content management)


Our references

Our references

Our clients are our partners. We proudly present you some of them.



Fuzyo studio

Fuzyo in the world

Fuzyo is an international Group.

Several of our subsidiaries are located in Europe, Africa and Asia.

This allows Fuzyo to be present with many companies and to bring an ever more global vision.

Write to us if you would like one of our advisors to contact you and respond specifically to a question or to a project to be developed!
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