About us .

Small studio with grand ideas making sure people
get what their businesses really need.

Never get overwhelmed by digital 

We believe in the superpowers of IT to grow businesses and change the world in a positive way.

A company of experts

We understand the ever-increasing responsibility of IT department in the sustainability of the company. Supported by our consultants, more than 80% of whom are certified, you will have the resources and expertise you need for your digital [r]evolutions.

A collaborative company

You can also count on us in the fields of Engineering. In fact, our desire is to create full value for our clients, by bringing all needed expertise together. We setup a solution for each of your needs and for all your projects.



We collaborate with the best consultants, and we have the talent to recruit others. Indeed, this is how we can answer each of your needs and support all your digital projects.

Our mindset

Our consultants are passionate people. Their respective expertise is part of their DNA. These women and men have unlimited commitment and carry out each mission all heartedly. We offer them the best conditions so that they can flourish with you, our customers. At FUZYO, we are a family, and it is together that we grow and make your projects grow.

Our management

Our business sector naturally distances us from our employees. They spend a lot of time on our clients’ premises or remotely. It is therefore essential that we make sure that everyone feels an active part of the FUZYO community. We create an environment where anyone can contribute and be responsible for everyone’s success.

What is FUZYO ?

FUZYO operates in Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, France, Luxembourg, Morocco and Tunisia.


While expanding our global presence, we carry a strong set of expertise. Our desire is to bring all these areas of expertise together and thus create total value for our customers.

FUZYO empowers organisations in the fields of data, digital, business intelligence, innovation, security, systems, cloud, recruitment and digital communication.


Thanks to the human scale of our company, we have a solution for each of your problems and for all your projects related to the digital world.


  • Paris: 10, rue de Chateaudun 75009 Paris. +33 1 83 81 96 00
  • Brussels: Avenue des Gloires Nationales 3, B-1081 Bruxelles. +32 2 560 21 45
  • Rabat: Rue Allime, Résidence Riad Soundous II, App 4, Rabat 10100. +212 530 666871
  • Tunis: 1er étage, n°1 Immeuble es brises du lac, 1053 BERGES DU LAC, Tunis
  • Dubai: Business Center 1, M floor, Meydan Freezone, And Al Sheba, UAE