Technical consulting

Parce que nous construisons un pont vers le futur des systèmes d’informations, nous mettons à votre service
nos capacités d’innovation dans les domaines de la data et du digital. Cela s’appelle ILYEUM INSIGHTS.

FUZYO group specializes in the fields of Engineering & IT services.

Our desire is to bring all these areas of expertise together and thus create total value for our customers. Thanks to the human scale of the group, we have a solution for each of your needs and for all your projects.



  • Team complementarity
  • Dedicated expertise
  • Flexibility 


  • Consulting
  • Efficiency
  • User satisfaction 


Energy & Life science

Challenges and shifts in the energy and healthcare sectors. Challenges and shifts in the energy and healthcare sectors. In the energy sector, there is a growing demand for efficient and sustainable energy sources. To adapt, industry stakeholders prioritize innovation, focusing on green energy and digital technologies. This shift affects various aspects of the energy industry.
In the healthcare sector, there are challenges such as an aging population, rising healthcare costs, and the need to protect medical data. To address these challenges, the industry needs tools for better organizational functioning and investments in research and development. Technological advances in areas like image processing, the Internet of Things, and medical technology are driving progress in e-health, with a renewed focus on patient care.

Aerospace, defense and transportation

Advancements in on-board electronic systems, specialized sensors, connected objects, and detection technologies are benefiting both military and civilian sectors. These innovations span various areas, including hybrid and electric motors, Artificial Intelligence, image processing, predictive analysis, biometrics, cryptography, and cyber defense. The resurgence of land and air traffic, digital supply chains, and the need for increased security and safety create opportunities for a sustainable mobility infrastructure that promotes decarbonization.
Cutting-edge technologies are driving innovation in intelligent, communicative, and autonomous vehicles, as well as supersonic crafts and nanosatellite networks. The secure integration of these technologies, following a 4.0 factory mindset, streamlines production and enhances passenger communication, fleet management, maintenance, and operational efficiency. This is particularly important in a time marked by new private entities, less regulated markets, complex cyber threats, geopolitical tensions, and the increasing militarization of space and cyberspace.

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Focus on aerospace industry : an example of our business support capability


Maintenance, supply chain & logistics : B1 / B2 technicians, .engineer, CAMO, customer support, logistic manager, supply planner, technical procurement


Airlines, commercial, business jet, lessors : connected aircraft, customer experience, Protection or core system components...


MRO : predictive maintenance, data analysis, ERP/CRM, Avionics