Never get overwhelmed by digital

At ILYEUM, we believe in the superpowers of IT, to grow businesses and positively change the world.

A company of experts

We understand the ever-increasing responsibility of the IT Department in the sustainability of their organizations.


With our consultants, more than 80% of whom are certified, you will have the resources and expertise you need for you digital [r]evolutions.

A collaborative enterprise

We have the talent to recruit talented people, and we collaborate with the best consultants.


Indeed, ILYEUM is part of the FUZYO group, made up of 4 subsidiaries. Thanks to them, we have a solution for each of your problems and for all your digital projects.

People before all

Our spirit

Our consultants are passionate people. Their respective expertise is part of their DNA. These women and men have unlimited commitment and carry out each mission all heartedly.


We offer them the best conditions so that they can flourish with you, our customers.


At ILYEUM, we are a family, and it is together that we grow and make your projects grow.

Our management

Our business sector naturally distances us from our employees, because they spend a lot of time on our clients’ premises. It is therefore essential that we act in such a way that everyone remains and feels an active part of the community.


We create an environment where everyone can contribute and is responsible for the success of all.

Our other commitments

We also get involved by bringing who we are, our know-how or simply time, arms, ears and smiles.


We just look for where and who we can help, and we do so.

For them, we regularly collect food, or toys for kids. We also serve meals in one of their restaurants in Paris.


Visit their web site

We help young adults by having this organization use our offices for their meetings, by supporting them in their website management and hosting or by coaching them in building their résumé and looking for a job.


Visit their web site

We work as part of their Operational Preparation for Individual Employment program, from which some of our employees come, in accordance with our commitment towards diversity and inclusion.

We are committed to raising awareness about non-discrimination in our community. We force establishing healthy pay equity between women and men and we promote diversity (and benefit from it).