Putting systems intelligence

at the service of human intelligence.

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In a context where our clients face many challenges, Fuzyo aspires to connect human, technological and business intelligences in a coherent and ethical way.


Our vision is that we contribute to the creation and development of human intelligences.


Fuzyo federates companies that share this will to develop specific intelligences and to put them at the service of global intelligence development. Our mission is to connect our expertise – reading our intelligences – to those of our clients.


Our strength lies in our ability to deliver the strongest experiences and bring innovative technological solutions to the business issues our clients face.

Business Intelligence

April 5, 2021
Computer vision (VO) is a multidisciplinary branch related to mathematics and artificial intelligence (AI). The VO is about how computers can gain an understanding of the world around them from digital images or videos. Its main objective is to allow a machine, through algorithms and models, to interpret visual content like a human. However, will […]
September 28, 2020
How to reach out to consumers’ concerns, or even be their spokesperson, without getting lost in the race for likes? How to engage, arouse interest, while avoiding the “parrot” effect? Where to place the cursor? The risk of single speech in an ultra-competitive environment We live in an era of hyper capitalism, with all the […]
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